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Something Random

This post will be a quick and dirty rundown of what is banging around in my head today.

###This Post

A couple good friends and myself have been working to start up a coworking location where we live. Today, there happened to be a post make its way to the front page of Hacker news that highlights some “issues with coworking locations.” I also realized that I have a twitch when I am focusing really hard. It is a little hard to describe but, it basically resembles this.

###My Car

I drive sorta fast. Well my wife wouldn’t say so but I do. Today I accidently pegged a divet in the road and blew a tire. Goodbye 200 dollars. Very sad about this.

###Current Yobs

Yeah, there hadn’t been to much talk about this for some time but, a week ago I was left with the entire techology sector on my plate. Before I was more of a programmer than a technologist which has changed very quickly. When a programmer is saddled with help desk and opperations based work, they tend to have a hard time switching gears. Or maybe I just have said problem. This definitely of makes me sad.

###My 30 Days Blogging

It has been hard, it is over tomorrow, it was hard, but it was well worth all of the work. I am sure there will be more of a timeframe between posts going forward but, I am going to make a conscious effort to make the quality of said posts a whole lot better than the past month. Hopefully I didn’t drive too many people away.


It appears that the Verge have gotten their mits on what could be the new Kindle Fire and e-ink versions. I have been rocking a 2nd generation Kindle since 09 and definitely like what I am seeing.


It flows better that way…