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OOmega Lion Time Saver

09/04/20111 Min Read — In Apple

There doesn't seem to be too many time-saving commands you can initiate with the mouse these days; however, this one trick goes way beyond priceless.

QQuicksilver Still Can't Make The Cut

08/23/20113 Min Read — In Apple

It's true, I have never really been much of a fan of the ancient productivity guru known as "Quicksilver". It was adopted by all my Mac loving brethren and even, after several ad-hoc presentations, I…

MMac App Store and Bootable Images

08/03/20111 Min Read — In Apple

Anyone worth their Mac loving salt knows how hardware agnostic the OS is. Need to send your main computer in for repair because of a faulty batch of harddrives but, want to avoid being out a machine…

LLaptop Super Juice

08/02/20112 Min Read — In Apple

Like the rest of the intelligent world, I run all of my development life on a Mac laptop. The Unix underneath is exactly what the doctor ordered. However, my February 2009 17inch Macbook Pro is…

TThree Finger Swipe In Lion

07/22/20111 Min Read — In Apple

If you haven't heard, there was quite a major update to some random OS this week. With every update, and one done through digital means, there is bound to be a few "hickups" here-and-there. One of…

MMacBook Air and Five Apps

05/28/20112 Min Read — In Apple

Patrick Rhone has a wonderful podcast and website known as Minimal Mac . When he interviews guests he asks, what he likes to call the "MacBook Air question." The gist of the question breaks down to…

MMalware Inside my Apple

05/19/20111 Min Read — In Apple

Feel free to take a gander at this Cnet article before continuing... Yes, it appears that Apple desktops, not iPads and iPhones have become so ubiquitous that they are now the target of porn…

WWhy Environment Matters

05/09/20111 Min Read — In Apple

I have a friend, and bless his heart, he loves to hold over my head, my once intolerant mood towards OS X. It's true, Tiger (again in my mind) was horrible, PPC's were incredibly expensive, and most…