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TThe Shape Of Your Code

09/25/20182 Min Read — In Betterment

Before continuing any farther, first stop. Open up a file containing code that was written in the last week. Next, do the same thing with a piece of code that was written 2 years ago. How do these…

TThe Easiest Way To Be A Better Developer

09/19/20172 Min Read — In Betterment

Your Dirty Little Secret There is a secret, rather unwritten rule in programmer culture. Something that no one talks about and what most of us avoid like the plague. It's something that's easily…

KKeys To Being Awesome

01/06/20141 Min Read — In Betterment

Rarely has there been anything worth a reblrrg around here in quite a while. However, this morning I stumbled across this brilliant article outlining several avenues on "how to be great". If you…

SSmaht Koaning

09/22/20121 Min Read — In Betterment

To think that this blog went through a steep declined after August is a damn crying shame. Also, I could have been lost but, that is neither here nor there. Also, and perhaps a complete surprise…

BBe Merry, Track Your Time

02/08/20123 Min Read — In Betterment

Although somewhat of an anal sport, time tracking and time tracking software is often times taken for granted by most folks. Even freelancers, the people who live and die by their output, all judged…