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TThe Long Troll

02/22/20141 Min Read — In Humor

One off Interent trolling isn't anything new, nor is it something that could be construed as hard. Someone jumps into a conversation, drops a bombshell and walks away. They never have to feel the…

RReading Isn't A Laughing

01/05/20141 Min Read — In Humor

I have often felt bad about the fact that this blrrg highlights the shortcommings of many of its' own readers . Manily that most of them are illiterate. To clarify and clear the air, I believe…

GGive Em The Finger

06/15/20121 Min Read — In Humor

A few weeks ago something so terrible, so...unbelievably...terrible happened to my beloved Ifone: It fell . Specifically, it fell out of my ridiculous brace and onto pavement. Upon inspection, I…