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EElm And The Power Of The Dot

08/22/20171 Min Read — In JavaScript

This is one of those special years... It's one where yours trully is not attempting to learn a new programming language. Sure Andy Hunt would fault me for this but, there are times where paying…

NNPM is Not Broken

03/27/20161 Min Read — In JavaScript

Honestly... honestly, I can't believe that I am writing even a linked piece about NPM, and the 'greater JavaScript community.' It's not due to some disregard for the language, because that's…

WWebpack Hot Reload And Rails

05/03/20151 Min Read — In Ruby, JavaScript

Webpack seems to be getting plenty of lip service these days. Doubly so in the React community which means most of Facebook. Since Rails leans so heavily on the asset pipeline, how can we merge ES…

JJavascript For A Week

01/24/20151 Min Read — In JavaScript

JS For A Week For the better part of 5 years I have been writing, hacking and generally focused on the Ruby programming language. This hasn’t stopped me from exploring other languages; however…

MMDN At Your Finger

11/21/20121 Min Read — In JavaScript

Disclaimer: this tip centers around the use of Alfred but, doesn't require the premium "Power Pack". MDN is...or should be a go-to for anyone doing any level of front-end development. It is an…