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TTmux Powerline Pimping

12/28/20121 Min Read — In Mac

Alright folks if you don't use Tmux you are pretty much doing it 100% wrong and you won't get much out of this post. Also, I understand... or " hear " that Screen is wicked awesome-tastic ; however…

iiCloud VS Dropbox

08/15/20121 Min Read — In Mac

I am well aware that there was a promise made to deliver on a half-way point post about this whole 30 day challenge. However, this isn't it. So quit your bitchin . There have been a few posts lately…

SSSH Like a Linux Pro You Dawg

03/26/20111 Min Read — In Mac

Neck beards rejoice! No longer must you feel trapped to use $cat commands to awkwardly get your SSH key from your Mac to your Linux server...with its' ridiculous up-time. Since this network admin…

22011 MacBooks Can't Take It

03/21/20111 Min Read — In Mac

Yes, I know it is a Sunday night and there are much "cooler" things going on like @Marco's #dickbar post. Or perhaps the shit going down between AT$T and T-Mobile ? So why focus on something as…