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AAmercia vs Cantada

06/01/20121 Min Read — In Politics

Well that is a damn good question actually. If you happen to have been under a rock all week, Mr. Romney released an iPhone app where you could take a picture of your cat , truck or wife and…

RRolling SOPA Blackouts

01/18/20121 Min Read — In Politics

As you, the informed Internet user may know, today, the 18th of January, is officially: "Blackout from SOPA day". Sites like Reddit , Wikipedia , and Boing Boing will take the day off, and…

AAn American in 2011

09/06/20111 Min Read — In Politics

Please refrain from thinking of this post as some kind of jab or 'attack' on America. This is quite simply a collection of attitudes, ideas, and values that many of my fellow Americans hold too close…

OOfficial Anti-Powerpoint Party

07/19/20111 Min Read — In Politics

We all know and hate looking at our calendars and seeing a huge block of time dedicated to a meeting where you KNOW there will be a Powerpoint presentation involved. The meeting starts and voila! You…