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AA Mail Workflow

02/25/20171 Min Read — In Productivity

Perhaps a more apropros title here would be: How I tossed all email clients in the trash and went back to Mac Mail Not because there is anything wrong with Spark or Airmail . Because there just…

BBoredom To Getting Something Done

12/16/20121 Min Read — In Productivity

Posts have been a little sparse lately due to me moving to a new job and needing to learn how to 'do' PHP again. However, there has been a few instances where I have found myself completely bored…

DDo One Thing Every Day

08/28/20121 Min Read — In Productivity

Pants , if for some reason you don't know what goes in them. Life is surprisingly easy , which happens to be contrary to most of the jowels out there . What is hard is doing shit consistently…

FFuck The 80/20 Rule

08/20/20121 Min Read — In Productivity

Do you know what all this 80/20 shit is about? If not feel free to go here and be enlightened . Don't get me wrong, the rule works real well when used in the vertical that is business. 80% of…

NNote Cards For

08/14/20121 Min Read — In Productivity

Uh, I know, another post on some kind of sudo (see what I did there) productivity ideal. Don't fret too much, you have 15 or so more days left of it. Moreover, you can very well bet your…

CCurrent Workflows

08/10/20122 Min Read — In Productivity

OK, rule number one (don't use " of thumb "), avoid trying to jump people away from the meat-and-potatoes of a blog post before they even start reading. AKA the link in the summary field, did you…