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NNew Development Workflows

09/01/20192 Min Read — In Programming, Software

Editing text in Vim is becoming a bit of a thing of the past these days. Non-modal editors, the likes of VSCode bring a wonderful development workflow, amazing tooling , and even fairly 'good' Vim…

TThe Case For A Programmer's Shop Manual

05/29/20181 Min Read — In Programming

For developers, we’re often building complex systems and we try to build and hold all that complexity in our mind at once. Any interruption will cause those fragile thoughts to tumble like a house…

EEyes On The Code Review Prize

07/18/20171 Min Read — In Programming

Compact, niche teams doing really interesting things can make or break a product. Well... Not really. That's more click baity than anything. Small teams can do amazing, quick work of features or…

PProblem Solving In Golang

03/20/20151 Min Read — In Programming

Nope, not actually problem solving because that is in fact boring, something that no one is really interested in and somewhat of a non starter. Doubley so when things haven't been updated much around…

FFeelings Concerning PHP

02/26/20131 Min Read — In Programming

I can’t even say what’s wrong with PHP, because— okay. Imagine you have uh, a toolbox. A set of tools. Looks okay, standard stuff in there. You pull out a screwdriver, and you see it’s one of those…

SShow Yourself Off

01/22/20131 Min Read — In Programming

Getting crazy ideas usually leads people down the road to a lot of fun, yet potentially wasted amounts of time. This is how creativity is formed. And this writer is no different. I happened to be…

DDistrust The Magic

08/08/20121 Min Read — In Programming

If you spend enough time working with computers there is a good chance you might stumble onto some magic . This doesn't mean that you might randomly see unicorns while tracking down your next porn…

GGriddled Cheese

04/04/20111 Min Read — In Programming

A clean and simple way to help align your layouts? 100% worth checking out because it kicks ass.

FFixing MYSQL in Homebrew

03/20/20113 Min Read — In Programming

EDIT : Sometimes this doesn't happen. It seems to be a random occurrence on a random smattering of systems. If you are even thinking about a career or just having some fun with software development, I…