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22017 In Review

01/01/20184 Min Read — In Review

A Recap... Well all, this thing is most certainly in the bag. 2017... The year that brought us Trump. The year Space X figured out how to save a rocket. The year a total solar eclipse occured and…

AAnd That Is A 2016 Wrap

12/31/20164 Min Read — In Review

2016, wowzers! There are few words and even fewer word combos that could be used to describe this year. A shitload of crazy that went down this year. Due to all this, this post began its' life as a…

TTwenty Fifteen Retrospective

01/09/20162 Min Read — In Review

This year, this year of 2015(is that right?)... Fuck it. There was going to be a retrospective just like last year and poof! Nothing. What happend is the web became inundated with these type of…

22014 Year In

Invalid date7 Min Read — In Review

This seems to be the normal kind of thing these days. Write a year in review, reflect, generate some add dollars, and keep the Internet fixated on your blog long enough to seem somewhat relevant…