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SSolidus Conf, A Recap

05/15/20161 Min Read — In Ruby

Solidus Conf 2016 just came to a close. Solidus, an ecom framework that was recently forked from Spree, has had a temultous first few years of life. This was technically the second Solidus…

HHubot Sightings With Monit

08/26/20151 Min Read — In Ruby

Slack and bots go together like peanut butter and chinese food. They are quite, literally over running the joint . So with an already loud and notification filled app like Slack, what's one more…

WWebpack Hot Reload And Rails

05/03/20151 Min Read — In Ruby, JavaScript

Webpack seems to be getting plenty of lip service these days. Doubly so in the React community which means most of Facebook. Since Rails leans so heavily on the asset pipeline, how can we merge ES…

GGoodbye Bloated Fellow

08/03/20141 Min Read — In Ruby

Monkey patching has been a common thing in all Ruby libraries over the years. One of the largest of them being Rspec. We all know, and love Rspec, unless of course you are a member of the Rails Core…

RReturns And Deploying Bower/Rails Things

06/08/20141 Min Read — In Ruby

Recently things have been fairly spartan around here. This isn’t your fault as an avid reader but, more of time spent upping my skills at what can now only be dubbed ‘computer writing’ . Also…

WWriting Better Specs

08/06/20131 Min Read — In Ruby

Having had the pleasure to get back into Ruby and subsequently the "Rails Stack", I am now writing a lot more tests. For many people this tends to be a bad thing but, I find it one of the best ways to…

CConvention VS Configuration

04/20/20131 Min Read — In Ruby

Convention VS Configuration is a big deal in the Rails Community. So large in fact, some might say it dictates the entirety of the framework . This is a classic example of what the term "Convention…

RRails Custom Code

03/07/20131 Min Read — In Ruby

It happens to be Thursday which, unbeknownst to me, is highly speculative . In addition, I received some feedback on "something" this week that made me chuckle. Being a fairly normal developer, the…

PPow Lessons

10/26/20121 Min Read — In Ruby

Many fine Rails Devs lean on Pow to locally "host" their apps in dev mode. Up until a few days ago, I really didn't use Pow very much. However, in a fit of boredom, I decided to see what it could…

CCucumber 101

08/18/20121 Min Read — In Ruby

I know it is pretty fucking cliched; however, it is hard to go through a Ruby day without some surious testing. That's right, if you don't know what "TATFT" means than you haven't been doing…

330 Minute Tarcks

08/05/20121 Min Read — In Ruby

If you happen to be an uneducated peep who doesn't quite grok the idea of the "tarck" ...well, then I can't help you. However, for the remainder of this post tarck won't be used in terms of bikez…

OOne Of The Best Ruby Primers

08/01/20121 Min Read — In Ruby

Wait you, the reader, weren't aware I loved the little elegant and quirky language that is Ruby ? Well anyway, I am currently reading a book about design paterns in Ruby. It is sort-of old…

AAngry NYC Ruby Devs

12/28/20111 Min Read — In Ruby

The interesting blog: Betabeat highlighted a wonderful cockup by 's main programming squeeze, Daniel Doubrovkine . In short, he began a thread on the NYC-rb mailing list and like any…

SSyntax Highlighters in Nanoc

07/07/20111 Min Read — In Ruby

Code highlighting with say, Wordpress is an absolute breeze. All that is required is finding the plugin that suits your fancy. This isn't quite as easy when using a solution like nanoc or any…

FFavorite Why The Lucky Stiff Quote

05/10/20111 Min Read — In Ruby

"when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create." --Why The Lucky Stiff