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CCummings And Goingz

08/19/20121 Min Read — In Tech

Genuis ! This post will be a rundown of all of the recent tech-shit that has been dominating the news for the past month. Most of the items that will be listed (I know, most people despise them…

SSeagate Hybrid Drive Solution

08/07/20111 Min Read — In Tech

In this past post I mentioned using a "hybrid hard drive" for secondary storage. In this case, the hybrid part means that there is a very small, 4 gigs to be exact, amount of space set aside for…

IIt Skillz Test

05/17/20111 Min Read — In Tech

The "information technology" field (it's encapsulated in quotes due to the insane amount of "broadness" that the phrase IT embodies) is a constantly changing, challenging, and often times exhausting…