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VVimwiki is Everywhere

10/31/20121 Min Read — In Vim

Confused about Vim, wiki's, or Google? You are welcome . Although vimwiki is a wiki implementation within Vim, it passes off a lot of cool things that bleed into markdown based writing. However, it…


10/12/20121 Min Read — In Vim

You heard it here folks. I also feel the same as Tim on the " too much " or " too little " testing output.

LLeader Is My Power Animal

08/12/20121 Min Read — In Vim

TWO posts in one day!!! Anyway, not really. No need to get your hopes up so high you shit yourself. Nah, this is just a quick blurb about some cool things you can do with the leader key . Run some…

LLeave MacVim To The Noobz

08/07/20121 Min Read — In Vim

If it wasn't painfully obvious from my tweeting , I spent the better half of the first weekend of August, at a Ruby conference . The one topic that I was fairly positive would creep up , yet…

HHow To Think Like A Vimer

08/04/20121 Min Read — In Vim

SO this post isn't going to help all of you Textmate, Textmate2, SublimeText, emacs, or nano nerds out there. Nope, it is just for the good ole folks who have their shit together and use the wonder…

VVim Can Suck

07/03/20122 Min Read — In Vim

OS X is generally a wonderful operating system. Sure there are plenty of neckbeards out there that would love to punch me in the balls for the comment. On the opposite side of life, most designers…

GGet Rid Of Command T

12/28/20112 Min Read — In Vim

Hardcore text editors always seem to make a concerted effort to actually ease the opening of different files. Perhaps the most elegant solution was implemented by Textmate by hitting Command-T. A…