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BBrainstorming New Posts In The Open

09/13/20183 Min Read — In Writing

After months of promising more writing, and frankly there being none... Your favorite RSS reader isn't fooling you! This is indeed a somewhat late, mostly very quick, and likely full of holes… Tweaks

10/12/20141 Min Read — In Writing is one of the best ways to interact with markdown-style form blog content. It has allowing me to write on the web, commit to GitHub and have cloudbacon run its tests ( yes it is a blog but…

PPencils, Like Panthers

01/02/20142 Min Read — In Writing

Pencils are the panthers of the creative world (that's right, I said it). They silently lay there until something brilliant passes by. They are often overlooked for their ink staining brethren and…

NNew Notes

03/25/20131 Min Read — In Writing

Ok, so I thought I wrote something about my current paper/digital notes workflow but, damned if I can find it. So let this be it! Anywho, I have been bitten by the FieldNotes bug. These have…

MMake it Sexy Productive

02/02/20133 Min Read — In Writing

Before you blow your precious time on this post, feel free to listen to this podcast AND then come back and finish reading. Done? Ok, great. My takeaway was that my "productive" life is filled with…

MMy Stance on Images

09/23/20121 Min Read — In Writing

They are super hard when concerned, if even for a fraction of a second, on responsiveness Writing that is bereft of them tends to be cleaner to read I am a bit of a fanboi

TThe End

08/31/20121 Min Read — In Writing

For everyone who had an unproductive, bad, uninteresting, boring, or otherwise shitty Friday please click on this link and spend 13 minutes basking in what can only be described as: Pure Fucking…

AA Journal

08/29/20122 Min Read — In Writing

If you aren't quite as addicted to Hacker news as most of us are, this is a reaction to this post . In the past few days, the idea/ topic (HMM...Visual Basic 4, sure brings back memories ) of a…

115 Days In

08/16/20121 Min Read — In Writing

Yes-sir-ree-bob (I think that is how it is spelled) is the coveted, and prehaps much unanticipated mid-way-30-day challenge update. Avoiding much hoopla , let's get somewhat started. To say that…

CChaos Development

08/12/20121 Min Read — In Writing

When you start a project of any kind do you start by typing something into a terminal or do you begin on a piece of paper ? Many developers probably start by typing some stuff out but rarely…

330 Day Blogging Challenge

Invalid date1 Min Read — In Writing

THROWDOWN! What the fuck am I thinking with all of this? Anyway some of the readers might have seen a influx of posts in their feed with this blog over the past couple of days. What is happening is…

GGit Powered Blog Drafts

11/10/20111 Min Read — In Writing

Ok, I don't personally care how you build/host/hump your blog, although in general, it is probably, wait...for it wrong . Now that we got that out of the way, here is a nifty idea to think about: Use…

SSomething New and An App

04/26/20111 Min Read — In Writing

Ok, so to be fair there hasn't been all that much going on around here lately. There was some obscure update about moving things away from a database type system on to flat files yet, no further…

AA Triumphant Return to Cloudbacon

04/18/20111 Min Read — In Writing

And we are BACK!. That's right, I haven't really been gone, vacationing, or really anything else more glamorous than sitting around on my duff. However, what is really the blog…

WWrite Something Awesome

03/25/20111 Min Read — In Writing

Having always been a bit of a shitty writer, one often times looks for ways to better their situation. However, not me. I remember distinctively taking an agency (marketing, social to be specific) job…

OOn Starting New

03/10/20111 Min Read — In Writing

Many people have asked me, well...not really asked inasmuch as wondered why I would simply jump publishing platforms and start 100% new. Well to you good sir and doubtfully, mam, this guy has really…

SShit Is Moving

03/08/20111 Min Read — In Writing

Yeah everyone, this isn't Posterous . Although I am deeply in love with that amazing little blogging platform, I will no longer be using it for my main blog. That means Cloudbacon is on the move to…