2011 MacBooks Can't Take It

Fry an egg on a mac

Yes, I know it is a Sunday night and there are much "cooler" things going on like @Marco's #dickbar post. Or perhaps the shit going down between AT$T and T-Mobile? So why focus on something as trivial as a bunch of overheating Macs?

Buying a MacBook Pro, at least for the past 5 years, and a PowerBook before that meant that you were paying a little extra money to get your grubby mits on a machine of potentially insane power. With this quad-core Macbook Pro refresh, consumers have access to amazing portable computers. However, said computers aren't devoid of a few serious bugs. First to appear was the ominous flicker when one of Apple's very own Apple Cinema Displays was plugged into the new thunderbolt / mini display port. Now, people are seeing their powerhouses hard freeze under load.

A bleeding-edge technology like Thunderbolt (how the fuck do you write that btw? is it Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt port, the thunderbolt?) is bound to exhibit some kinks but, a computer that is given an insane amount of raw processing power (I am serious jealous and I have a first gen unibody 17 which is no slouch) faltering when you throw something complex at it? Something definitely is wrong. If anyone has purchased one of these little beasties and you are experiencing some of the issues mentioned in this thread you are in luck. What you may or may not realize is, you purchased the right computer.

Take it back. Apple, knows these issues are occurring and will swap out your computer or attempt to get it fixed within a few days. Some people are even reporting a 24 hour turn around. My computer has developed an odd flicker and because I purchased AppleCare, 2 years later I am still receiving amazing customer service from the boys and girls at 1 Infinite Loop. These issues can definitely be classified as "no fun" and the hard freeze issue is a productivity sponge; however, arm yourself with a video of the issue and go see an Apple Genius. Moreover, have fun, you spent 2k on a machine that will last a good long time and dominate most applications during it.

Note: Some of the thread links here no longer work... thanks Apple.