Write Something Awesome

Bad Haiku Poster

Having always been a bit of a shitty writer, one often times looks for ways to better their situation. However, not me. I remember distinctively taking an agency (marketing, social to be specific) job with the very minimal amount of "writing skillz"... not misspelled, don't fuck with me on this one.

Marketing is balls easy if you think about it. You are trying to entice people to spend their money, which down deep inside they really are already ok parting with. Again, marketing isn't hard for most of us but, one might need to be able to write or at least be able to piece coherent thoughts together into prose. Que me sucking.

I recommend some type of short typing challenge if you happen to be plagued by this very issue. Anything should do, 350 word pure regurgitation, poems, haikus yes, I know this is a poem, just a hell of a lot cooler or anything fuck, just write something. Being relatively drunk and tired, this is all I's got:

symphony of the mind
coalesce forever young
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