A Triumphant Return to Cloudbacon

And we are BACK!. That's right, I haven't really been gone, vacationing, or really anything else more glamorous than sitting around on my duff. However, what is really changed...again...is the blog. In less, than 2 months Cloudbacon has migrated from Posterous, to Wordpress, and now resides in flat text files.

You are absolutely wrong, wait what did you guess that we are using as a CMS now? I would put some serious money down to deny that you guessed Nanoc. Nanoc is actually a static site generator that has some nifty features baked in to provide anyone with a simple blogging process. Why on earth would Cloudbacon make such a drastic change (from PHP to Ruby) in the course of a Month? You asked...

  1. No security issues: Less to be exact. MYSQL, which is STILL the only way to enjoy Wordpress can be somewhat unstable and prone to injection attacks.
  2. Text files: Anyone who has ever met me knows how much I adore the simplicity apparent in text files. They are versatile, captivating, and incredibly small. Actually, who here doesn't know about text files? I am not talking about "Word documents." I am belaboring about those weird, little files that have a "txt" at the end of them. Please...take the time to do some research on why they kick ass.
  3. Git: Now that MYSQL has been removed from the backbone of Cloudbacon, this editor is now able to use Github and Git as a revision control system...HUZZAH! Do a little research here as well if you are lost.

There is definitely quite a few rough edges laying around but I wanted to get a MVB (Minimum Viable Blog) rolling and leave iteration for later. As always, the scope of things around here won't change too much. If you are into Apple, beautiful code, the sexy Web, or just into community; this place should be pretty fucking cool to hang out. For now, here is a good start to rid yourself of that Wordpress site (I really love the guys behind Wordpress, they kick a lot of ass).