Malware Inside my Apple

Feel free to take a gander at this Cnet article before continuing...

Yes, it appears that Apple desktops, not iPads and iPhones have become so ubiquitous that they are now the target of porn malware. There are a few key issues with this article that any Apple neophite can throw away (up?) as being utter rubbish. Ed's blog is called the "Microsoft Report" and said blog is hosted on a humungoid network like Cnet. He probably is a little biased and perhaps doesn't use an Apple computer, the item he is blogging about, all that often (hear-say, I don't know for sure). In addition, you need to approve everything that is installed on a Mac. This would mean that people are OKing the malware to run, it isn't "just running on its own."

There just isn't any way to spin this. There are a lot more people owning Apple computers today compared with even a few years ago. You are bound to have a couple more "computer literate" people in the ecosystem now vs then. Want to stay safe? Take a good look at what you are authorizing to run, every time your Mac bugs you. It takes 2 seconds, fur-real.