On Being Opinionated

Winning eh (look at the tags at the bottom)? Remember the saying? The one that everyone who who has ever dubbed themselves "nice" use when they feel uncomfortable in conversations? Yeah it goes something like:

Opinionated people suck

well here is a better one

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion

The last was quoted from Democritus. He might have just been some offbeat Greek philosopher; however, he had a point. We can go through life worrying about the opinions of others or we can be purposeful and understanding of the fact that opinions are ubiquitous.

The people who choose the latter will be cursed with opinions that upset people. And people are afraid of this, genuinely and honestly...ruffled. Seriously, ask people.

If by chance you are remotely agitated about what someone has said, you have one of two options:

  1. Stand up and say something at that very moment. Don't let it fester and hope that you have a chance to raise it in the future.
  2. Do nothing. Throw it over your shoulder and forget about it. You lose nothing from just letting it go.

Opinions are not evil, being overwrought with emotion about them, is.