Three Finger Swipe In Lion

If you haven't heard, there was quite a major update to some random OS this week. With every update, and one done through digital means, there is bound to be a few "hickups" here-and-there. One of Lion's most prominent issues is the 3 finger space switching. This one, somewhat insignificant item seems to have brainfucked many people when it comes to certain applications.

Swiping left and right with three fingers used to navigate back and forth in browsers, flipped through sections in Twitter for Mac, along with bringing up the application switcher(I believe this was a four finger swipe option). Now, this gesture seems to jump from one desktop space, to another. Well with a little help from an application called BetterTouchTool there is a possible solution:

Keyboard shortcuts have been around for years, and many gestures (old and new) can be fired off by simply touching the correct keys in an awesome order. One could, if they had the self control to rip themselves away from bitching about the new Mac OS X, map the cmd + ] and [ keys to mimic the lost features of Snow Leopard. In addition, BetterTouchTool can take modifier keys, unlike the base gesture list. This, roughly translated, means that it is possible to gain those three finger gestures back if you include the option key along for the ride...Rambling managed:

cmd + ] => this will mimic a snow leopard three finger swipe right cmd + [ => the opposite. I hope you don't think the hashrocket is included...