An American in 2011

Please refrain from thinking of this post as some kind of jab or 'attack' on America. This is quite simply a collection of attitudes, ideas, and values that many of my fellow Americans hold too close.

  1. I don't want to try and do something new, it's scary.
  2. Little things about people annoy me, therefore I write them off as immediately "wrong".
  3. Learn something at home? While I am away from work? FUCK that.
  4. Write? I barely read an entire book (fiction or technical) in a year, why write?
  5. Think critically? Hmm...that sounds like it goes hand and hand with number 4.
  6. My concentration has been butchered by Youtube so I can't focus for more then 3 minutes.
  7. I plan on doing nothing to alleviate number 6 or any other numbers...remember number 2?
  8. My work ethic stops at 5pm...on the dot.
  9. I am entitled to job X because I have completed X amount of education.
  10. ...but I want to be successfull so shortcuts and eventually my parent's money will see me through.
  11. I don't understand other cultures although I may have graduated with a religious studies / women studies / anthropology / european government studies major.
  12. I want to make my "own way".
  13. That work ethic thing, yeah that stuff also ceases on Friday.
  14. I know all I need to know about subject X, especially if I do it as a job.
  15. I am too scared to travel because of 1, 2, 3, 7, 11...
  16. I compare myself to my siblings, everything they get, I deserve.
  17. I spend money on things, items, stuff instead of buying tools.
  18. And above all else: I am bored.