Thoughts On Reason

Most people with any type of BS or BA degree from a mid sized liberal arts college, adore banging their own logic drum in some form or another. Often considered logic's dipolar brother: emotions are rebelious, temultuous and overal something that many of us in the technical world strive to avoid. Although the object in question might resemble a drum, what is actually being played is something far more phalic.

Reason, in it's simplest form, the one read from the dictionary, is the power of the mind to think, understand and form a judgement. However, reason, in the words of Raiden is akin to: "Finish him"! That's right, it is what occurs at the very end of a train, not at the beginning.

No one has ever entered a situation and through processing NOTHING, come up with a sound and logical answer. Our brains, like computers are meant to internalize, process, bias against and, eventually come up with something that sounds "correct". The idea of correctnesss will be taken with a grain of salt for the remainder of this rant, it deserves its own post later down the road.

This idea is often tested in some control group, something that won't harm or potentially destroy the situation. Afterwards, and really only if a desired outcome is apparent is the logical answer put forth into action. Logic…appears to come very last. Except many of us fall into the trap of using it first.

Well wait? How is that possible? Real thinkers, Einstein, Tesla, Plato, you name it used their observations and their peers to come to a solution. They took the surrounding ideas, along with their own and mashed them together much like today's meemes. Their logic was a framework built from listening and observing the masses. They didn't claim to have every answer at their fingertips (thank you Jimmy Whales), they relied on empirical studies.

What is seen today is a country full of people who are attempting to fill everyone's glass jars with their own version of untested logic. This is mind-bleeding! Instead, why not sit back and make conscious attempts to learn from each human interaction, every day.

Give it a whirl, you will be surprised how much you learn and how much humility you exude.