Git Powered Blog Drafts

Ok, I don't personally care how you build/host/hump your blog, although in general, it is probably, wait...for it wrong. Now that we got that out of the way, here is a nifty idea to think about:

Use the simplistic yet elegant power behind Git to keep a robust and burgeoning amount of blog posts and drafts. Why? Well Git is able to track changes across a system fairly well..shit it's actually the only thing it does. Being able to track diffrent blog posts, when they were completed and being able to rewind to them, seems like something a powerful blogger might like to have at his or her fingertips. To get going you need 2 things:

  1. Git, the powerful (some would say the best…and or the "bomb") source version control management system.
  2. A static generated site. This means, that all of your files are flat in nature and rely on no database to produce the overall content. Not only does this solve a nasty injection problem, but it can withstand high amounts of traffic. Here are a few options(mostly Python and Ruby variants) if you are completely lost to this concept. Don't worry about choosing one that is "wrong". Most of the posts can be moved from one system to another.

Navigate to the root folder of your newly built static site blog and invoke:

This will create a brand spanking new git repo, surrounding your code in a wonderous pillow of fluffy safety. From here it is really simple:

Now you are free to modify your new post to your hearts content. By using "post" at the beginning of the branch name, it is easy to see what branches are posts and what are other, structural changes. This concept is ridiculously easy however, it works well for one reason: nil == friction. One of Git's most amazing features is its ability to handle branches and merging said branches with ease. This "freedom" cuts down on the constant anxiety of "lost work". If you aren't worried about losing work, causing problems, or breaking something you are free to use 100% of your creative juices to…well create!

Elegant solutions will always trample their off-the-shelf, boxed, rural cousins.