On Steve Jobs Bio

This week on Hypercritical (a web show hosted by Jon Siracusa and aired on the 5by5 podcasting network), Jon talks at length about the "shodd-i-ness" behind Steve's new biography. The real issue seems to stem from Isaacson's lack of domain specific knowledge and unwillingness to learn.

This idea is something that has been on my mind as of late. Who brings in a team of individuals to accomplish a task who have zero experience? Would you turn to a marketer who writes copy all day to solve a UX problem? Unless the individual has domain specific knowledge of the subject, or they are willing to learn, they don't belong in the room, conversation or the decision process.

It is just sad that Isaacson didn't do Steve the justice he deserved. The episode is well worth the hour and 20 minutes of your time.