People Can't Read

If you happened to stumble across Cloudbacon this morning, you have witnessed a slight change to the sidebar. Before, it simply read "CB" (CloudBacon for the peeps who had yet to figure it out) and a relatively cruddy icon for the RSS feed. Now, you are greeted with three separate icons. One, a cloud, Two, a piece of 8-bit bacon, and lastly, a punch out of the weird RSS thing.

There are a couple of reasons for this change:

  1. I was kinda bored, ok? It happens.
  2. There is a high likelyhood that people can't read:
  1. Really these are just a few, it's ridiculous actually.

If you can't read, THUMBS UP, you know where you are, yet you might not be able to do too much else from here...including reading this. Anyway, if you absolutely dislike the whole iconographic thing, feel free to send me some FUD at braden{at}buyurifemme{dot}com.

In finishing this up, there are a lot of articles built into my backlog, so they might be on their way out but, really no one knows. At most, don't hold your breath.