Flinch For Your Life

How many times during the day do you think that you flinch? Well, lets change that around a bit. How man times a day do you put yourself into a situation where you might flinch? We, as the inhabitants of the "US" love security. Nice houses, confy jobs where we sit behind a computer and appear to be doing quality, work. What has all of this confort given us? Better health? Nope, better retirement? Definitely not. What then?

Nothing actually. The equation is really quite simple (10-30 somethings) == (a bunch of video-game players). Even NPR...well ok, the really cool guys at Freakonomics Radio are making quips at the youth and their love of video games. Without experienceing situations that scare us, how can we grow mentally and physically? Julien Smith's new book: Flinch answers this very question.

Julien is definitely onto something with the idea of shortcircuiting our cronic avoidance of fear. If, like our gag reflex, we could increase our abilities to withstand difficult situations, what would this world look like? What do you think? The book is free on amazon (kindle) and worth the 3 seconds it will take you to click on the buy now button. Seriously, go read it...if you can