Summary of Potential Readers

I recently wrote a fascinating post on the probability of people's reading skills. With any social inibility comes a good entrepreneur looking to capitalize. Enter some some 16 year old and a summary sheet. His idea? The ability to summarize text using "clever" algorithms.

Why would allowing people to easily ingest reams of information be a bad thing? Well it isn't until we become too reliant on the technology. And we as a people would, because it's easy and endorphins are fun...and make us giddy. We, as readers lose the ability to think critically because we don't need to, we have algorithms for that. From there we find reading comments difficult because we need to parse more than a few things together in order to devise the scope of the entire conversation.'s a bitch.

Yet, that's the whole point, it's hard. Writing is as well, just take the time to read a few blog posts around here. In addition, how old is Ben Grubb, who is apparently the "author" of the article? He looks he's about 2 years short of sprouting his first pubic hair. Man, how I wish I had that level of technology access when I was these kid's ages. Kudos to them, they will be absolutely ripping when they finally hit puberty.