Rolling SOPA Blackouts

As you, the informed Internet user may know, today, the 18th of January, is officially: "Blackout from SOPA day". Sites like Reddit, Wikipedia, and Boing Boing will take the day off, and presumably binge (not to be confused with "Bing" the insanely sub-popular search engine who, I guess could give a fuck due to their in-involvement) drink until they passout. Please take a little time out of your day to contact a senate robot and instruct them to hit the "red" button when this bill comes back around.

You can read the "official" text or you can enjoy a video by Alexis Ohanian if you are currently unable to comprehend words. Please, please, please, do something to protest this egregious piece of legislation! Be informed, make great decisions and do something to help keep free speech on teh interwebz. Also blacklist any and all of these companies for the next 60 years.