Constructive Critisism Goes a Long Way

Yay, I found this blog again...ok well actually, I have been on a writing hiatus and have recently come only to yell at the Philladelphians. Yes, you guessed it, those "crasser than myself" general (most, not al) pain-in-the-neck "Soul fans" have gone and sullied up teh interwebz with what can only be considered hippy, limp wristed drivel.

Pam, from Pam the Webivore decided that it would be her, her sole duty to attack a fellow ruby nerd (Yehuda Katz) by getting "flustered" and damning him on Hacker News today. Please, for the love of all that is good and smells like wet trash in Philly, refrain from using the word flustered outside of people's interactions with albatrosses. According to Pam, which is frankly a much better name for her blog, Yehuda steamrolled someone at a local users group.

Pam made this interaction out to be some kind of barage of sorts, ending with the speaker sitting down because they couldn't handle the cricriticism coming from Yehuda. Pam and her Philly-isoms continue to barrate and even threaten Yehuda for a few more paragraphs. Some might be thinking, why is Pam and her otherwise lame named blog such a big deal?

People should call you out when your "shit"(Philladelphianism) could use some improvement. Why let people go through life thinking their stuff is amazing when a few pieces of critisim could help them tremendously? We have become a nation of rabbid sycophants and where has it gotten us? This itis doesen't affect all of us though. For example, this week's Founder's talk introduced me to Steve Espinosa who feels much the same as I do on this very fact.

###A Challenge

The next time a friend shows you a design, app, idea, etc and they are missing something, tell them. Seriously! Don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers, complain, call out the haters, live up to your expectaions, deny something, whatever! Please, please, don't passively polish shit.

Also although there might be a hearty portion of Philly jabs in this post, I actually quite adore the city, just not so much Pam.