Below is a conversation with what I can only guess is a young man over a current classified item I have up for sale on the Craigslists.

His original response to the posting:

Hello! let's do like this, actually now I'm not in town for now, I came to visit my son so i wont be able to meet with you but am okay with the price as seen on the advert, I'll proceed in issuing a Check out to you and when you received the check , I will make arrangement for pick-up. So get back to me with below details asap. Name: Address: City: State: Postal Code: Phone Number: And as soon as this is provided, the payment will be overnight to you and i will let you know when its mailed out. I need you to be honest with the sale as I am a God fearing person. Thanks God Bless.

Needless to say, I felt that a response was required:

If you were a God fearing person you should know that God eats Internet scammers and spammers and shits them out into a very special place in Hell.

For one, yes "Internet" is still uppercased, I am not sure what the folks at the AP are on. And second, I am glad that he/she/it believes that everyone in the South (sometimes pronounced...with emphasis: "THE SOUTH") would believe this drivel due to their love. Errrr. Fear of "Gawd". Also, did I miss something? Why the fuck is the word "Check" capitalized? Maybe that's their name.