Something In The Air Stinks

And we have reached another proverbial Friday, although mark my words, I am not counting. I think. First of all, there needs to be a good amount of explanation concerning the fascination with these "Friday posts". However, I would like to make an astute observation before I move on. The keyboard on this 17 MBP is absolute shit.

Anyway, my plan with these Friday rants is to really just try and sum up a small segment of the week. Whether it be the state of political affairs like last Friday, or perhaps something crushing about the local field mouse population. Nothing very heavy, just something that will make you giggle on a Friday afternoon...when you are probably drunk and flipping through your RSS reader because you are alone due to the fact that you know what RSS is. So without further ado, here we go:

It appears that America has finally found itself a suitable and fitting past-time: Zombieism. That's right another zombie attack was chronicled this week in yet another, hopeless Southern State. No, go ahead and take a wild guess. Yup that's right the great state of Lousiana and all of it's possible zombie infested inhabitants...welcome to the danger zone. Best part? Yeah, apparently bath salts, when used correctly have the potential to throw homeless people into a state of "excited delirium and dangerous behavior". Frankly, those are two emotions...or whatever, that I wouldn't want to explore while in a bath tub. Moral behind all of these attacks? Be safe, be seen.