Colours Matter

So what did everyone do yesterday (4th of July) instead of blow shit up and drink too much beer? Unfortunatly an hour of work turned into three wrestling with Tmux, specifically the way information is presented on the lower bar...or whatever it is called. Afterwards, I had a conversation with my roommate concerning what we had done during the day for "work." When we concluded, he made a snippy joke about "leaving me to my colored text." For a second (just a hot one) I realized that he was perhaps right in the sense that I was pissing my day away.

His comment, unlike normal, stuck with me through the rest of the day. Through fireworks, copious amounts of beer, Crossfit chit chat, everything really. The thing is, when we are forced to do work with tools that we don't enjoy, our work begins to reflect our attitude. It seeps into every little nook and cranny and it infects us. Often-times in ways that we could never begin to imagine.

To cope we turn to things that might infuse us with happiness. We look for solace in Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and especially buying needless amounts of shit. These passive forms of consumption lead us to nothing. I struggled through the last sentence and decided to sub out everything because there is no way to sugar-coat the fact. Unbridled consumption IS what is making us as a group of people weak, incoherent, short sighted, antsy, ignorant and even a little...or a lot on the pudgy side.

Although I may have wasted a good part of 3 hours hacking on "coloured text," I learned a lot about how Tmux works under the hood, and, this is a biggy, I built a space that I love to be in. Who knows what will happen in a few minutes, in a few days or even in a few months. What I know now is I will continue to build kick-ass, elegant software for people who demand it because my working environment is great...cue Tony.

Also, although I am "American", I actually spell the word: colour correctly. Webster performed an egregious disservice to the English language and I will never forgive him for his folly.