Slobbering MakeUp on a Pig

Story: My wife and I were cooking dinner one night (actually I had returned from the gym and was generally being a nuisance) and a friend asked to use the frying pan to cook his steak after we had finished. I said that I had one more thing to cook and I would just throw the steak on when I was done. At first he mulled this around in his head and then gave me this response:

Nah, I want to sear the steak really quickly and try and lock in the...

I pretty much gave up listening after that. The gist being that he had devised a very elaborate plan to cook his steak. This is great, a young man having an opinion and a plan on how he/she was going to cook their dinner. Except for one very interesting thing: The meat was purchased at Food Lion. If you weren't in the know, Food Lion sells the bottom-of-the-shit-barrel produce and meat. So what does all of this equate to? You guessed it! Putting lipstick on a pig.

Microsoft is doing this these days with the anoucement and inevitable fail that is Windows 8. A mediocre product slabbed with a coat of coral paint is still...wait for it: a FUCKING MEDIOCRE product. As a reader you can sub out the word 'product' with people, pigs, jobs, or anything really. This all relates to one simple fact: no one has ever won a race being mediocre.