30 Day Blogging Challenge

THROWDOWN! What the fuck am I thinking with all of this? Anyway some of the readers might have seen a influx of posts in their feed with this blog over the past couple of days. What is happening is a blog posting will be performed each and every day for 30 whole days or 26 metric days (whichever way you swing). I am sure I have tried this before but, I always seem to fall short on the 9th day. Well folks, this time it is going to be different.

Mission no, wait delegation...hmm. Operation. No that's all wrong.

Anyway, the idea will be to generate some sort of useful tidbit, hack, Ruby code, workflow, piece of awesome, or something every day until September 1st. All of the wacky linking will be provided free of charge. So make damn sure to click as many links as possible in a futile attempt to figure out what is going on in my rat trap of a brain.

The prize for all of this you might ask? A Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro 2. Yes, I have been looking at picking one up for a long time and need a chellenge of this proportion to offset the cost of that sexy, sexy keyboard. Until tomorrow...also some general rules are below!

##30 Day Challenge Rules

  1. There must be a post for every day in August no matter how many days actually exist in the month
  2. Each "Post" must be over 200 character-words to be considered legal
  3. Each post has eggsactly 24 hours to be relevant (posts must be posted to Heroku between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm)
  4. Everything must be brilliant
  5. Posts may not be written under the influence of "God Chicken"