3 Things

Due to the abnormal size of my cranial hair follicals, it has been deemed illegal to wear items on my head in the great state of North Carolina. Lots of folks also have a problem with "where in the world" North Carolina is so I think a picture of an Apple data center should help out. Regardless of, this entire post is not about facial hair, elephants (like the one from Postgres), or North Carolina. Nope, it is actually a list. A list of three passion-things to be exact.

Our puny brains have a hard time doing a lot of things at once. The more we attempt to focus on, the worse and worse everything seems to get around us. This is why I am advocating the idea of "3 Things." Factor everything you do down into just three things and you will find yourself free and clear to focus and dominate whatever three you choose.

Let's not be too harsh though. What I am not advocating is throwing away your sense of adventure and settle. Explore, find things that are fearful, scary, fun, gas-y, etc and when you do find something that you want to add to your three list, do so with a fervor unmatched by anyone! Over time you will begin to hone skills that are integral to succeeding at your three chosen passions. As time ticks by, you might sub out one passion for another; however, make sure that you simply table your skill sets, never throw them away.

Best of all! Write them down so your puny brain doesn't forget.

  1. My Wife: understanding her, loving her, being there when I am needed. Although the whole partner thing is hard it is well worth it.
  2. Programming: A field I find myself in love with more and more every LOC that is written.
  3. Crossfit: High pain tolerance, focus, and a never retreat attitude is rarely prized in sports. I am glad something like this exists.

Simple. Write down and dive into yours right now!