Delivering Happiness

Yeah, why the fuck not? How have we gotten to the point where we simply accept shitty software (although I hear number 10 is way good)? Do you get all giddy when you sit down in the morning and turn on Outlook and Office? I happen to work with several of these peoples and all I hear spew from their mouths each morning are groans(I swear it is sorta a true story).

Yeah...well, again, why the fuck do people ship anything but happiness? Is it hard, sure but, why on earth would you go through the trouble for a few quick bucks? And, guarenteed it will be a measly few. People usually don't contine to buy shitty software if it continues to exude shit... Wait, no that's not right.

Look at Microsoft and basically everything they make. It is defined by how much hapiness it sucks from people and yet people continue to use this shit without question. How do we fix this? Just fucking stop building shitty things and pump the market with a fuck-ton of happiness. Because, really? What else is needed?

I apologize for the lack of love in these posts lately. I need to stretch their formation out over the day (VS when I get home from it) and hope it solves this issue. No guarentees promised, pre-haps a little bit of alcohol is all that is needed.