There comes a time in everyone's lives, hopefully when they are young, that they realize something is wrong. We all go through it no matter who you are. Young, old, wealthy or dirt poor. We all go through a time of reflection that makes us question why and what we are doing...well, except some of us.

Most people are petrified to question their life choices; however, they do so because they quickly realize that everyone else has done it. In addition, I used to be a punk rock fan so I understand about the whole "following people thing"...and yes there are some times when it is warranted. Some people call it the quarter life crisis; however, it is just some time in your twenties/early thirties where you "begin to be".

Some of us go through it for longer periods than others and that is ok. The biggest part being that it occurs. What I have witnessed lately is a metric fuck-ton of mid-20 year olds in such a coddled state that they completely miss out. Besides raising a bunch of softy-philosophers (I have no beef with hard ass philosophers), we are stuck with a group of people who for fucking real, this statement:

all his life he was told that he wanted in life would come to him.

Feel free to sub out "him" with "her" or "it" in the above sentence. I recommend taking a firm stance with these people. Read Manga in the nude, in your living room, talk to yourself loudly at night, save your urine. Just something to snap them out of their haze.

Fuck, this makes me sound like one of these guys....