Note Cards For

Uh, I know, another post on some kind of sudo(see what I did there) productivity ideal. Don't fret too much, you have 15 or so more days left of it. Moreover, you can very well bet your britches that there will be some kind of a "half-way point" toot tomorrow instead of anything remotely resembling nerdtastic.

Right! Note Cards! Or "Capture Cards", as us unproductive fools like to call them, are great for grabbing all the little things that come flying by. Those items that bombard us so quickly that we don't have enough time to pull out our iDevice but, we need to jot them down due to their action-ability. There are two really great aspects that make note cards indispensible in this manner:

  1. They are mutable objects... Meaning they are easily discarded and replaced. This simplicity allows them to be easily found, even if you show up empty handed.
  2. They are non-threatening. When people pull out their phones they threaten the crowd with the fact that they (the crowd) are so boring that you need to "check-in".
  3. You didn't think that you would get through a post on productivity without some kind of list did you? Good. Because that is actually impossible.
  4. Number 4...ok, done.

What tools are required for all this malarkey?


  1. Behance Action Cards
  2. Frictionless Action Cards
  3. Levenger Cards


  1. Moleskine
  2. Steelmaster

Go forth and be more productive with small cardz!