iCloud VS Dropbox

I am well aware that there was a promise made to deliver on a half-way point post about this whole 30 day challenge. However, this isn't it. So quit your bitchin.

There have been a few posts lately (mostly on those blogs that rake in the real dough) highlighting people's usage of Dropbox and iCloud. Both are great ways to sync data across multiple devices and both seem to be "manageable" when staying within their free domain. So they're tools, free, and do the same thing; what makes them different?

For starters, Dropbox is rooted in the old-timey idea of a file system. You, the user create obnoxiously deep folder structures to house files you don't really care about because the likely-hood of you retrieving them through memory is slim at best. iCloud on the other hand pulls all that shit away from the user and makes syncing app related. This means that apps keep track of the files, not some weird folder grouping.

Before I go into how I use iCloud (because frankly I use Dropbox like everyone else: it is a cluster of folders that contain items I only find on accident), I want you, the reader to understand that I am very opinionated....k, thx.

Why use both? iCloud and its app specific file syncing makes it great for keeping loose amounts of stuff around. Particuarly stuff from Day One or any app that you might care little about. You can just chuck shit in, and not worry about the way files are handled. This freedom allows the writer to create without ever worrying if he/she will find it again. I find it liberating. This idea of a flat file system is pretty fucking Genius, and I am rather interested to see where Apple is going with it.

Something awesome: RiserFS / BTRFS mixed with a flat system + git. Fucking epic!