Don't Raise Your

I have been spending the better part of the morning listenin' to Ska. If this directly affects the quality of this post, no one cares.

###The Setup

The break out sessions begins at your local hack knight and you are attending by yourself. What do you do? Surrounded by people who you only assume are smahter than yourself (yes smart is spelled correctly), you freeze, lock up and choke under pressure. Nothing like these people though though..."colloquial term" LEVEL UP!

See! You are already a few steps ahead; however, you hold yourself back because of some, or all of the below reasons (don't hate, Friday may as well be one big list day).

###The List

  1. Offending someone
  2. Being "Different"
  3. Not knowing what to talk about
  4. Weird silences
  5. Saying something dumb

With that, we are done here. A couple really sweet tips that have taken me a long way that definitely couldn't hurt. Check out a recent talk by an awesome person named: Corey Haines. Its first run was while he was visiting Steel City Ruby Conf in Pittsburgh this year. I could have sworn Confreaks was there so keep refreshing until it shows up. It is well worth the 30 minutes of your time. And, finally the moment that kareoke machine is brought out, you be the first to the mike.!