Cummings And Goingz

Genuis! This post will be a rundown of all of the recent tech-shit that has been dominating the news for the past month. Most of the items that will be listed(I know, most people despise them), will be subjects that aren't worth an entire post. Without further ado, lets get this rollin'.

I have refrained from talking about Dalton and the ridiculously named "" due to my "unnease" with the whole project. I am a huge fan of Twitter yet, not what they are pulling at the moment with their developers. After listening to a few podcasts on the subject, the fact that you can export all of your "updates" in plain-text is really interesting. I could give two shits about moah characters (200 something), lack of third party application support, or being the hip thing to do. If can deliver, I will throw my 50 dollars at them per year. It may be a steap price but, it is worth it for the peace of mind

###MS Surface

For the people who don't know (which is probably a good amount of you). The keyboard is dumb, the prie point is unknown and it will run Metro...OOPs, probably going to get sued for that. Microsoft needs to stick to what they do best and forget about following trends.

###Facebook Stock

Really? Who bought this stuff? Let it tank, and let the people who thought they were buying into Google in 1998 go with it.

###Apple VS Samsung

Anyone in their right mind knows to give the whole patent thing 0 percent of their time.


Thanks for all the fish!