Fuck The 80/20 Rule

Do you know what all this 80/20 shit is about? If not feel free to go here and be enlightened. Don't get me wrong, the rule works real well when used in the vertical that is business. 80% of your terrible experiences come from 20% of your customers. I get it, I really do. The problem lies when the 80/20 rule is used in this domain:

I will make 80% of my time perfect and the other 20 can be "whatever", or "meh", or "shit".

People pull this stunt with diets, excersise, getting things done, everything. Again, I understand! No one is perfect and as you approach perfection, actual perfection becomes harder and harder to attain. My beef with the idea stems from the lazy factor. People, with diligence and some elbow grease could iron out that unwieldy 20% eventually.

Yet they don't. They idly stand by and watch life fly by them, all while assuming what they are doing is A-OK. Since this is my blog and apparently the way things are going these days, advice column, this is a good way to break out of the aforementioned mediocrity...Don't do it.

You were beting on a list weren't you? Nope. If you are sucking 20% of the time today, suck 19% tomorrow. Whittle away at it at your own pace but, promise me, never be happy with the number 20.

In closing: butter sculptures will never count for the 20%