Believe in Your Product

Starting a blog post with a story or a list is automatic link love from the Googs...I think.

A Story

I happen to work for a really wonderful company that makes a good amount of its profits from public transport. Planes, trains, buses, you name it. Just not automobiles. If you were to work at a place like this and take pride in your product, you would likely ride the bus. Studying every move people make, what defines their buying decisions. Moreover, even down to what type of music they listen to as their public transport trudges on...consuming more of their day than their feedumb cars.

Your participation / devotion would lead you to purchasing the product that you produced and believing the fact that someday, just maybe, you could sell your car in favor of supporting the people that make your life possible. I work to support public transport, and these feelings wash over me on a daily basis.

The Deal

If you produce a product and you can't stand behind it by actually using it, you have no business being in business. What you are really in it for is the money, and as we can see in our current economy, this method doesn't lead to sustainability. Today is Friday...I think. Take the weekend to look over your current product and how you feel about it. Are you passionate? If not, take Monday and Tuesday of next week to reflect on the whole ordeal. If things look bleak by Wednesday, quit.


Also this post was finished so close to the deadline that it was finished without much editing. YUP!