The Cheapest Of All

I happened across this article this week and was rather unastonished to hear that we are the cheapest generation ever. Since many of my readers can't actually read here is a quick one-over.

Apparently the Millenials aren't doing the same shit in the same way as our parents. Oh, and this is bad btw, if you couldn't infer it. We are waiting until we hit middle age to think about new cars or our first house. In addition, this kind of "fiscal responsibility" is tanking the great state of USA and pushing it into the path of this.

My response to 99% of this article and 75% of 100% of life is:


For starters, the "Global Stragegic Marketing" dude from GM in the Atlantic article is tripping balls. You are 31, which means that you are only 4 or so years away from being one yourself. Does this mean you don't know who you are? Likely. The rest of the article and the concept are right on, along with some of the responses that have cropped up over the past few days.

We don't care, as a group of people, to be overly encumbered with things. This doesn't make us this asshat. But, it does make us conscious of every purchase we make. It has nothing to do with the instability of our jobs(which definitely exists), or the lack of jobs in general. It all boils down to one word: Freedom. Does your product get us a little closer to attaining it? No? Well fuck off(said by a generation of people with their wallets closed and their minds sudo open).