When it comes to self improvement, or improvement overall, one of the hardest things to do is admit that you might not know something. Most of the time we couldn't even list, in any order, the things that "we don't know." Not one. Suriously, try really hard and use your power's of awesome to get a hold of me. For myself? The hardest part of my software life, and therefore the thing I have the least amount of experience with is:


The experience of having a master to work under and to pester with questions is invaluable when it comes to walking the road from an apprentice to a master. There are a few methods (IRC, message boards, etc) that are acceptable if direct mentorship is not available. However, these substitutes should not be used without looking for the real deal.

So without further ado, and let's be honest, it is a Sunday, here are some cool ways to get hooked up with some web programmery based mentors.

  1. a Boston based awesome sauce Ruby shop named ThoughtBot have a really great thing going on. If you live in the North-East or are mobile, this is one of the best programs to check out.
  2. HashRocket: Another East coast Ruby company that has a lot of cool people behind it. Pretty much the ThoughtBot of Florida.
  3. Hungry Academy: A devision of the folks at Living Social out of DC. The program has only had one run but, they hired 100% of the developers who went through it.
  4. Code Academy: Chicago based program that focuses on the web over specifically Ruby and Rails.
  5. DevBootcamp: This program costs quite a lot at 11,200 but there have been some rumblings about the first class seeing salaries hit 80k