I Could Care Less About

If you don't know what splat means than you are in the wrong place. If you do! Well huzzah (possibly NSFW), keep reading. It happens to be a Monday, and Mondays happen to proceed the epically boring Sunday. Equally boring, Mondays are rife for some positive list production.

Unlike a few weeks ago, where we looked at some small things that were going on in the community, today we will run down the opposite. Without going too much into depth (wouldn't want to spoil it), here are just a few things "I couldn't be bothered to give two shits"...about.

  1. Twitter's New TOS: Or API changes, or whatever. When it comes down to it, a small fraction of people actually use Twitter. In addition, an EVEN smaller section know what a 3rd party app is. Google ++, Twitter is the new Facebook, everyone wants to hate on it
  2. Apple V Samsung's Big Knobby Vibrator: Suriously, there is so much to link to, I just dumped something in there. There was a verdict, now someone is crying, so there isn't now. Who the fuck cares. Oh, one more thing, Samsung and all of their letters. Actually, if Fortune 500's could just quit with the memos all together, that would be nice
  3. New MS Logo: Snore...

Ok and here are some things to coutneract all that negativity

  1. VMWare joining OpenStack is hella cool
  2. The ever lovable Bob is hanging around at Apple

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