Do One Thing Every Day

Pants, if for some reason you don't know what goes in them.

Life is surprisingly easy, which happens to be contrary to most of the jowels out there. What is hard is doing shit consistently. Every day to be exact.

The plan was to keep this post squared away until the very end of this little test. An experiment to try and write 1 post every day for the month of August. Posts could be on a myriad of subjects but, they all had to be > 200 words and posted during the hours of each day.

It isn't Friday, which happens to the official end of the month but, here are some really quick reflections on doing one thing, every day.

  1. It's hard. Being able to produce 200 words of prose each day is super easy. Making said prose make a lick of sense or even be remotely interesting is pretty fucking hard.
  2. Use a product like OmniFocus or Holly to list out ideas as they come by. I did this more at the beginning and got laxed towards the end which has been the result of a lot of lists
  3. When you first sit down at a desk everyday, open your daily post and work on it throughout the day. Inevitably the post will be better than cramming it into 1 hour at night.
  4. Build in one cheat day. I didn't do this and I am glad that I didn't. However, there will be a time where you are away from a computer and have no way to properly construct a post. No one is a failure if they miss one day.
  5. Make it fun.
  6. Teach