The End

For everyone who had an unproductive, bad, uninteresting, boring, or otherwise shitty Friday please click on this link and spend 13 minutes basking in what can only be described as:

Pure Fucking Awesome Sauce

That's it...for realz! I don't have anything else to say but:

  1. Lists will tank your time on site.

I am not much of a google analytics nerd (suriously, I used to love MTG); however, I thought it would be interesting to see how this blogging foray has impacted the traffic to this here site.

To my suprise, there has been quite an uptick on visitor front. HOWEVER, I clicked the compare to time on site and saw the opposite. Although, there were more people visiting the site, they were quicker to leave, perhaps because most of the stuff being presented was kinda bland, off the cough for the past month. This, coupled with the very unedity side of life is what forced people away.

And this post isn't going to help much on that front either. Being the last post of the month I would like to thank all of the people who attempted to read my ramblings as well as the people who immediately turned tail and ran away as fast as fucking possible.

Thanks for all the fish