Smaht Koaning

To think that this blog went through a steep declined after August is a damn crying shame. Also, I could have been lost but, that is neither here nor there. Also, and perhaps a complete surprise is a post about shit I actually for a living. Without further ado:

It should come to no surprise to the readers of this blog (that poster is sandbagging) that I love Ruby koans. Specifically the ones maintained by the wonderful people at Edgecase. Koans, for the peeps who have no clue are a staple in the apprenticeship movement and are an easy and repeatable way to hone your skills.

Ok so practicing is a good thing, but how do we make said practice more fluid? To accomplish fluid...ness, is that right? We are going to need some tools, of which might be a little frightening to the new sotware developer. Don't fret:

  1. Vim
  2. Vimux
  3. Tmux
  4. Some bud

One of the biggest problems people have with koans is the tedium of jumping back and forth between your editor and terminal to run the rake command. Problem solved. Open your current koan with Vim in the terminal. You can throw MacVim out the window (the fact that we can fly still amazes that guy). Create a split(vertical) window with Tmux and navigate up a directory to where the rakefile is located. Hop back over to your Vim instance and initiate: Vimux-RunVimTmuxCommand. For me this is bound to leader rp, type "rake" and BOOM. Your koan information should be

No need to actually jump to the adjacent tmux window, no need to jump out of your typing environment, and no need to break your awesome koan-like focus. Another hat tip would be to use the RunVimTmuxLastCommand instead of having to continually type rake in the the Vimux window. BOOM! Fluidity leveled up.