Boredom To Getting Something Done

Posts have been a little sparse lately due to me moving to a new job and needing to learn how to 'do' PHP again. However, there has been a few instances where I have found myself completely bored. To fight the need to tool around on hacker news in these situations, I give you this


Oops, I actually meant this. It might be a little hard to 'grep' what's going on in the picture but here is the idea. Whatever system you use to keep yourself in-check and productive, probably utilizes tags or 'contexts' for the true GTDers. Create a tag that is as simple as 'Web'. The next part is hard but, with some simple conditioning, success isn't far.

Start training yourself to look back at this context every time you find yourself bored on the Internet. When you feel that nagging need to navigate to Facebook, Pinterest, or Pandora, stop. Think about what you are doing, then click on your productivity suite of choice and see what you really could be doing.

This method hinges on a couple of things that are rather 'long tail' if an Internet consumption addiction has already taken root. The biggest and by far the hardest is developing the habit to look back at your todo-list every time you find your focus wavering. However, if mastered, the things that might get finally finished will astonish everyone. Give it a whirl and hit me up on twitter with the results!